December 25, 2010

Old News – 2010

December 31st 2010
As Marduk´s 20th year is coming to an end. We can reflect over the
triumphant crusade that keeps marching on, and the foundation that stands.
As mentioned earlier a monument of the first 2 decades of Marduk in the
form of a box set is to be released next year. More news regarding that will
be posted early next year. The band is currently preparing in for the coming
of 2011. First of Marduk will be appearing at the 70 000 tons of metal cruise.
This 4 day trip will be seeing Marduk playing 2 shows with complete
different set list each night. In connection with the cruise Marduk will also be
reaching Central America. As have been posted earlier the march will be
reaching Honduras and Guatemala. It’s with great satisfaction we now also
can announce a show in Costa Rica. Check the correct dates in the tour

December 20th 2010
On this see of rats shall we set our throne! With delight we can hereby
announce 2 Swedish shows for next year. First of Marduk will be appearing
in Strömstad on February the 26th together with Mayhem and Nifelheim.
Don’t miss out on that event. In July Marduk will also be appearing at the
Getaway Rock Open Air festival in Gävle. The event taking place between
the 7-9 of July.

December 18th 2010
Marduk is confirmed for the Summer Breeze Open Air Festival in
Dinkelsbühl, Germany. The Festival is taking place between the 18-20 of
August 2011.

December 16th 2010
Marduk have just returned to Sweden from the Asian Black Death
Redemption tour. The band sends a big hail to all fans, crew and local
promoters who helped to raise the Banner of the Wolf over Asia! The dates
set for Central America has once again been pushed back and will now be
taking place at the end of January in connection with The 70 000 tons of steel
cruise. More news to follow…

November 25th 2010
Marduk have just returned to Sweden after completing the Blackest Of The
Black Tour in USA together with legendary acts like Danzig and Possessed.
What better way to celebrate 20 years of blood and Iron. 20 years have
passed since Marduk started up in 1990 and its only just begun. Undefeated
and stronger than ever before the band is currently rehearsing in for the
upcoming tour in Asia. Check the finalized schedule in the tour section. We
can also announce that to celebrate the 20 year anniversary a compendium in
form of a box set will be released in a strict limited edition. The box set
is set to be released in the beginning of the next year and will be a monument of
the first two decades of Marduk. More information will be unveiled soon…

October 21th 2010
Tour dates updated.

October 20th 2010
We are proud to announce “Asian Black Death Redemption 2010”. Marduk
will be reaching the Far East for a crusade. Territories to be reached are
China, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia. Check dates in the tour section.

October 6th 2010
Rescheduled dates for Central America has been announced!! Go to tour
section to check them out! Marduk will also be marching over Asia. Tour
dates for China, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia will be announced within
the nearest days!!!

September 7th 2010
Marduk are currently marching across Europe delivering the final shows in
support of last years highly acclaimed album Wormwood. The tour is right
now reaching Northern territories and finishes of on the 18th of September.
We are proud to announce that Marduk will be returning to the States to
participate on the Blackest Of The Black Festival tour during Oct/Nov. The
band will be appearing with legends as Danzig and Possessed. Go to tour
section to check the upcoming dates!!!

August 17th 2010
We are proud to announce Marduk´s first live appearance booked for 2011.
The band will be playing at the World’s biggest Floating Metal Festival
taking place between January 24-28, 2011. The Warship will be patrolling
between Miami, Fl-Couzumel MEX- Miami, FL. For more info check the
official website – We can also mention that the
rescheduled dates for Central America will be presented any day!

August 10th 2010
Dominium Maris Baltici
The dates for the upcoming “The Great Northern War 2010” has now been
confirmed. There have been some changes and some show added. Check the
tour section for the upcoming storm! The deathmarch continues…

July 30th
Because of misinformation from one of the airlines involved in Marduk´s
travel to Central America the band got uphold and couldn’t get on the
connection flight. It was totally the fault of the airline. Marduk had just
completed one of the planned three flights to Costa Rica when the problem
occurred. There was no time to book new flights to make it in time to do the
3 shows. The band and booking agency are currently checking options to
rebook the shows as soon as possible. Marduk feels very unfortunate for the
situation as the band is eager and burning with devotion to march across
Central America. More news to be posted as soon as possible.

June 18th 2010
Marduk will be playing at the With Full Force Festival-Germany at the night
between the 2nd and 3rd of July. More info in the tour section.

June 6th 2010
We here bring some visuals from Marduk´s eastern crusade. Go to gallery
section for a selection of photos from the appearance in Minsk/Belarus. There
have been some changes in the upcoming tour dates in Central America. See
tour section.

May 21st 2010
We are constantly receiving questions regarding Marduk playing live in
Scandinavia and we can now unveil that a tour is currently being booked for
the Northern regions. The tour will march across Scandinavia and the Baltic
States and possible single dates in Poland and Germany. The tour is set to be
held during September. More news to come…

May 9th 2010
Marduk have returned to Sweden after completing the latest leg of touring,
this time through South America, Belarus and Russia. Over 115 shows has
been done in support of the curse upon mankind known as Wormwood. The
band is currently rehearsing in for the upcoming European crusade which is
set to start at the 13th of May. Go to tour section to check the dates. We also
bring a selection of visuals from Marduk´s appearance in Buenos
Aires/Argentina. They are available in the Gallery section. More
proclamations to be unveiled within the nearest days…

April 6th 2010
It is with the greatest pleasure we present Marduk´s return to Central
America. The band are delighted to return to the lands of Camazotz! This
Cental American Death March will pass through 4 countries, namely
Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica and Honduras. The march begins at the
end of July. Go to tour section to check the dates.

March 26th 2010
We here bring you a selection of visuals from Marduk´s appearance at the
House Of Metal Festival, Umeå/Sweden. Go to the Gallery section to see
them. More tour news to be unveiled within a week…

March 19th 2010
Finally the vinyl editions of Wormwood is unleashed upon mankind. The
album is being released as regular black vinyl with gatefold sleeve (700
copies), Picture disc (333 copies) and also as gatefold deluxe edition with a
32 page booklet with lyrics and on red vinyl ( 500 copies). All albums have
already been shipped from the headquarters. So check with you local dealer
and get them before they are gone. The re-mastered versions of Germania,
Nightwing and Panzer Division Marduk is also out on very limited editions
on regular vinyl and picture disc versions!!

March 11th 2010
After 100 live appearances in support of the 11th full length album known as
Wormwood, the war machine marches on. We are delighted to present
Marduk´s return to the East. Dates have now been confirmed for Russia and
Belarus. The crusade in the East will begin on the 29th of April. All the
correct dates are presented in the Tour section. Await the carnage!

March 9th 2010
The previous announced tour dates for Belarus and Russia set for the end of
March has due to unforeseen problems been rescheduled. Instead the shows
will be held at the end of April. New dates are to be made official within the
nearest days. We are sorry that the dates had to be rescheduled. Marduk are
although exited that the dates will become reality and can’t wait to once again
return to Russia!!

March 1st 2010
The fan gallery section has been massively updated. Marduk hails you all for
showing your loyalty! Keep sending photos of your Marduk related tattoos to
have them published here.

February 20th 2010
Marduk will be headlining the Firebox Metal Fest in Finland on the 23th of
April. More info at the festivals website:

February 16th 2010
Tour dates for South America has been announced. Go to tour section to
check the dates of the upcoming deathmarch.

February 12th 2010
We are proud to announce that Marduk will be appearing at the HELLFEST
FESTIVAL in Clisson, France. as well as the ROCKHARZ Open Air
Festival in Germany! The band has currently returned to Sweden and are
rehearsing and preparing in for upcoming tours. Confirmed South American
tour dates will be unveiled within the nearest days and more to come…

January 27th 2010
Marduk will be appearing at the House of Metal Festival in Umeå, Sweden
on the 5th of March. For more info visit their website.
Marduk is still marching across Europe. Here is a link to some live photos
from the current tour!

January 15th 2010
Marduk is currently marching through the Balkans delivering another blow
on European soil. The band has since the release of Wormwood been doing
over 75 shows in support of the highly acclaimed album. Marduk will be
marching through South America during April. Dates will be announced as
soon as they are confirmed. Another crusade is also set for this coming May.
5 open air festivals have been booked as well as selected club shows in
between the festivals. Go to tour section to check correct dates and for more
info regarding full line up etc. go to the website of the booking agency.