December 25, 2007

Old News – 2007

December 29th 2007
Marduk will be playing the Metalmania Festival in Poland during March. Go
to tour section for more info. Marduk have also been nominated to the
Swedish National Radio award P3 Gold. The first summer festival
appearances will be presented within the nearest days. All Marduk booking
in Europe from now on is done by Massive Music. For contacting them go to
the Propaganda section. Marduk is currently preparing in for the January
crusade through the Balkan and Central Europe. All the correct dates can be
found in the tour section.

December 20th 2007
Marduk have returned from their 30 date European crusade and would like to
send a big hail to all loyal supporters out there. Live photos from the tour will
be brought forth very soon. The finalized dates for the January part of the
Vanitas 2007/2008 has been made official. Go to tour section to check it out.
Marduk look forward to march across new territories in the Eastern and
Central Europe.

November 23rd 2007
Marduk have now toured through the Baltic States and Finland and today the
band is teaming up with Unleashed and Vreid for another 23 shows in
Europe. There has been some changes. The show in Inglostadt/Germany has
been changed to Munich/Germany and Toulouse/France has been changed to
Montauban/France. Go to tour section for correct dates.

November 13th 2007
The preliminary Tour dates for Eastern and Central Europe has now been
confirmed. Still waiting for info regarding some of the venues. Go to Tour
section to check it out. We are receiving alot of questions about if/when
Marduk will be touring North America. Well a tour is being planned. Despite
all the previous visa problems. It now seems that problem is coming to an
end and will be solved within the nearest future. Marduk will for sure be on
North American shores before they start to work on their 11th Circle of

November 9th 2007
Preliminary tour dates for the South American part of Vanitas 2007/2008 has
been announced. Marduk will tour South America together with polish death
metal veterans Vader. Go to tour section to check it out. More confirmed
dates and venues will be announced soon. Eastern and Central European tour
dates for January 2008 will also be announced within days.

October 25th 2007
One more date on the upcoming tour has been confirmed. Marduk will also
play in Helsinki, Finland on the 21st of November. We can also mention that
the website will get a complete new design very soon.

October 15th 2007
Marduk are currently rehearsing and preparing in for the upcoming
November/December European tour. The tour dates have more or less been
finalized. Go to tour section to check the correct dates. The first tour dates for
2008 will also be made official very soon. Apart from that the band is also
demoing new material. We can also inform you that some of the earlier
Marduk releases will receive proper US release during the beginning of the
next year. More news to follow very soon.

September 24th 2007
Tour dates for the Baltic States and Finland has now been announced in the
Tour section!! The upcoming rescheduled dates for Eastern Europe will be
made official very soon. The South American part of Vanitas 2007/2008 will
take place during March. More info will be arriving soon.

September 14th 2007
The Balkan dates of MardukĀ“s Eastern European tour has been postponed.
The booking agency Rose Production screwed everything up and therefore
made it impossible to continue. The Balkan dates will now be rescheduled for
January 2008. More news to follow soon. the final dates for the Nov/Dec tour
will be posted the nearest days and will include shows in Finland and the
Baltic states. The Vanitas 2007/2008 tour will also see Marduk touring in
South America. Dates are right now being booked for early next year!

September 4th 2007
Marduk would like to send a massive hail to the promoters of their Australian
tour, namely Just Say Rock Productions for making it a tremendous
experience and being the most professional agency we ever worked with.
There has been some changes of dates for the upcoming September shows.
Go to tour section to check out the correct dates!

July 30th 2007
The fan gallery has been updated with some new killer tattoos. Click here to
check it out. Keep sending photos of your Marduk releated inks to this

July 11th 2007
There has been some changes in the upcoming European and Australian tour
dates. Go to tour section to check them out. Here is a link to some live photos
from MardukĀ“s recent appearance at the Waldrock Festival.

June 14th 2007
The new MARDUK album keeps getting raging reviews. Here are the
latest we have been receiving.
Terrorizer 9/10
Metal Hammer UK 9/10
Zero Tolerance 5/6
The rescheduled European tour is now taking form. MARDUK will be
teaming up with Death Metal veterans UNLEASHED. It will be a co
headline tour with an opening act still to be announced. Go to tour section for
the correct dates. MARDUK will do a week of dates before the tour starts
with concerts in Finland and the Baltic States. Dates for those shows will be
posted soon.