January 15, 2014


We are proud to announce Marduks return to the Party San Metal Open Air
Festival in Germany this coming summer!

December 25, 2013

Old News – 2013

December 18th 2013
As Marduk is marching across Europe on the Panzer Division 2013 crusade
and entering the last week of the triumphant march, we have the pleasure to
announce that Marduk will be appearing at the Hell & Heaven festival in
Mexico during March 2014.

October 30th 2013
The first date for 2014 has been announced! Marduk will be appearing at the
Blasfest in Bergen, Norway together with acts as Triptykon and Aura Noir!
Check their website for more

December 25, 2012

Old News – 2012

December 28th 2012
As 2012 draws to an end Marduk would like to raise their cup and salute all
loyal Marduk Legionaries across this world, who have participated in the
Serpent Sermon crusade which is far from over! Just as we enter 2013
Marduk will continue the triumphant march. First target is Australia/New
Zealand followed by the return to USA/CAN for a month long tour! More
tour plans are being drawn up just as this being written! Stay tuned for the
shape of things to come! All

December 25, 2011

Old News – 2011

December 30th 2011
After over 220 shows in support of the highly acclaimed Wormwood album
and the Iron Dawn Ep, the touring cycle has come to an end with the
participation of the Hatefest tour. Marduk is currently in the studio recording
the next album set for a spring release through Blooddawn/Century media.
The album will be followed by a massive touring campaign. We are proud as
a goat to announce the 3 first dates for 2012 as the band will be doing the 3
date Extremefest festiv

December 25, 2010

Old News – 2010

December 31st 2010
As MardukĀ“s 20th year is coming to an end. We can reflect over the
triumphant crusade that keeps marching on, and the foundation that stands.
As mentioned earlier a monument of the first 2 decades of Marduk in the
form of a box set is to be released next year. More news regarding that will
be posted early next year. The band is currently preparing in for the coming
of 2011. First of Marduk will be appearing at the 70 000 tons of metal cruise.
This 4 day trip wil

December 25, 2009

Old News – 2009

December 28th 2009
MARDUK will be headlining the Norwegian Inferno Festival on the 1st of
April! More info on their website: Infernofestival.net

December 21st 2009
Marduk have returned to Sweden after the North American crusade known as
US Plague 2009. Marduk sends a big hail to all who came out and showed
their loyalty! Marduk will for sure be marching across the States again during
2010!! The band is currently preparing in for the upcomi