December 25, 2013

Old News – 2013

December 18th 2013
As Marduk is marching across Europe on the Panzer Division 2013 crusade
and entering the last week of the triumphant march, we have the pleasure to
announce that Marduk will be appearing at the Hell & Heaven festival in
Mexico during March 2014.

October 30th 2013
The first date for 2014 has been announced! Marduk will be appearing at the
Blasfest in Bergen, Norway together with acts as Triptykon and Aura Noir!
Check their website for more info!

October 14th 2013
With the Swedish dates the touring cycle for the Serpent Sermon has been
completed! Marduk and crew raise their chalice and salutes everybody who
joined up on the march with over 170 shows across this World! All Hail!!
Preparations for the coming Nov/Dec European tour focusing on the Classic
Panzer division Marduk and Those Of The Unlight album has begun!! The
last 5 dates has just been a announced! As the interest for the coming tour has
been so high there is a possibility of a second part in Europe covering the
Eastern and Southern areas during 2014. Time shall tell.

October 2nd 2013
Today marks the start of the Swedish dates of the Serpent Sermon Tour!
Check the correct dates in the tour section! Here is also a link to a new posted
Marduk video interview:

October 1st 2013
Dates for the coming storm over Europe has been confirmed!! 4-5 more
shows will be announced shortly!! Stay tuned!! Don’t miss out on Marduk
performing the legendary “Those of The Unlight” and “Panzer Division
Marduk” album the same night!!

September 26th 2013
Its with great pride we hereby announce that Marduk on the coming Nov/Dec
European tour except for the whole Panzer Division album also will play the
whole Those Of The Unlight album from 1993. As 2013 marks 20 year since
the album was unleashed upon this world the band has decided for the first
time to perform the whole album as second part of the shows during the
coming storm of Blood and Iron that will be marching through Europe from
the 28th of Nov until the 21st of Dec! Don’t miss out on this ending of 2013!
After the tour Marduk is focusing on album nr 13…

September 23rd 2013
The line-up for the coming storm of Blood and Iron has been confirmed!
Marduk will be flanked by legendary Death Metal act Grave as well as Death
Wolf and Valkyrja on the European march that is taking place from the end
of Nov until the 21st of December! More news to be unveiled soon.

September 20th 2013
Don’t miss the upcoming issue of Sweden Rock Magazine in stores the 24th
of Sep, with a lengthy report from Marduk´s South American Tour! Currently
Marduk is preparing for the coming Swedish assault. We can also announce
that Marduk will be joined by Alan/Primordial for selected shows during the
Swedish crusade! Monumental!!

September 12th 2013
Marduk have just returned to Sweden from the Serpent Sermon Japan Tour!
Marduk and crew salutes Marduk Legion Japan for their enthusiasm and
dedication! The band guarantees that it will not take another 14 years until
they return! Marduk will for sure return to Japan after the next album!
Arigado!!! Currently the band is preparing for the final dates of the Serpent
Sermon World tour with selected club shows in Sweden taking place during
Oct!! Get tickets now!! More news regarding the Swedish dates to be posted

September 6th 2013
As the touring cycle for Serpent Sermon is reaching its end with Marduk
currently marching over Japan followed by a row of dates in Sweden we can
now announce a very special event for the end of 2013. During the end of
November into December Marduk will be spearheading over Europe for 3
weeks of armored hell performing the entire Panzer Division Marduk album.
A release that revolutionized the Black Metal scene when it was released
back in 1999. Twice before has the entire album been performed live and due
to the response and demand from fans as well as the bands desire to bring the
iron fist all over Europe its now happening. For 3 weeks Europe will once
again be set on fire as Panzer Division Marduk marches across it and deliver
the whole album followed by yet another set that will be confirmed later on!
Don’t miss out. Dates and full tour line up will be announced shortly!!!

August 22nd 2013
Support acts for the coming march over Sweden has now been announced!
Marduk will be flanked by legendary Swedish act Ofermod and also by
Valkyrja! Check the correct dates in the tour section and be aware of that
tickets are out now!

August 16th 2013
Tonight Marduk will enter the stage at the Summer Breeze Open Air Festival
and perform a set in memory of the fallen comrade and longtime friend Jens
Gustafsson who has left this world. He played drums on some of the heavier
and classic material of the Rom 5:12 album during the period when Marduk
changed drummer. The comradeship remains! Eternal is the fame of the
dead! Hail!

July 26th 2013
The trumpets have sounded the alarm and Marduk is today taking of for
South America for a tour through Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Chile and Brazil!
Don’t miss out on this monumental event! Right after that Marduk will be
back on European soil for further summer open air festivals! Check the
correct dates in the tour section!

July 10th 2013
As the interest for Marduk´s return to Japan has been outstanding and
amongst others the show in Tokyo is already sold out we hereby announce a
second show in Tokyo. Marduk will be appearing at the same venue the day
after the sold out show. Get your ticket while they last. More info in the tour
section! All hail Marduk Legion Japan!

June 14th 2013
As the final dates for the Serpent Sermon World Tour has been announced
with the dates in Sweden during October. We here proudly announce
Marduk´s first show after the Serpent Sermon touring cycle. The band will be
doing a headline appearance at the Black Flame Of Blasphemy Festival in
Helsinki, Finland on the 16th of November. It will for sure be a night to
remember as Marduk will be playing the whole Those Of The Unlight album
as it is 20 years since its release in 1993. Those Of The Unlight has been
labeled by media and fans alike as one of the most influential, classic and
important Back metal album ever done. Don’t miss out on the event as its the
first time since 1993 that the entire album is being performed.

June 3rd 2013
Serpent Sermon Sverige 2013
As Marduk is finalizing the plans for the last run of dates of the Serpent
Sermon 2012/2013 World Tour we are pleased to announce that Marduk will
be doing a selection of dates in Sweden. Await a storm of Blood and Iron to
break out during October. Information regarding tickets and opening acts will
be announced as time draws near…

May 30th 2013
Marduk welcomes Johan F as manager of the Marduk Legion. All other
contacts regarding the band are defunct. This is the only contact from now
on: …The final tour dates for the Serpent
Summer World Tour 2012/2013 will be announced next week! All Hail!!!

April 19th 2013
One more Summer Sermon is hereby announced. Marduk returns to Estonia
for an appearance at the Hard Rock Laager Festival, taking place on the 29th
of June! Marduk look forward to the gathering of the Marduk Legion
Estonia! All Hail!!

April 16th 2013
The march goes on as we here announce 2 more Summer Sermons
appearances. Marduk will be coming to the Rockmaraton Festival in Hungary
and the Metal Mean Festival in Belgium. Check the correct dates for them
and other upcoming appearances in the tour section!!

April 11th 2013
2 more Summer festival appearances has been made official. First out is the
‘Dokkem Festival’ in Holland and secondly Marduk will return to the
‘Agglutination Festival’ in Southern Italy! The march goes on…

March 28th 2013
The finalized dates for the South American dates has been announced! No
Mercy will be given!!

March 26th 2013
Marduk salutes all loyal Marduk legionaries coming out showing their
loyalty during the North American crusade! All Hail!! Further storms of
blood and Iron are to be unleashed! More tour dates are to be announced!
First out we can announce Marduk´s return to the Southern parts of America!
In the end of July Marduk will be teaming up with Suffocation for a selection
of appearances! Among them the Extreme Hate festival in Brazil! See poster
below. Dates in Mexico and El Salvador is already confirmed and more dates
to come! Go to tour section to check the upcoming dates!

March 6th 2013
Marduk is currently halfway through their Serpent Sermon North American
tour pt2! Check the dates for the final 2 weeks in the tour section. Don’t miss
out! It’s with great pride we can announce Marduk´s return to Japan! Marduk
will be doing 6 shows and it’s the first time since 99 that Marduk returns to
Japan! Tour dates for Scandinavia and more summer festivals will be
unveiled soon…

January 23rd 2013
Marduk salutes the loyal legions of Australia and New Zealand for their
support of the recent tour! We shall return, All Hail! Right now Marduk are
preparing for the coming US/CAN tour taking place during Feb/Mar. Don’t
miss out as it is will take some time until the next return.. 2013 will also see
Marduk returning to Japan where the band hasnt been since 1999, dates to be
announced soon. The postponed tour of Scandinavia/North is also set to be
rescheduled. More info soon. Blood and Iron!