December 25, 2012

Old News – 2012

December 28th 2012
As 2012 draws to an end Marduk would like to raise their cup and salute all
loyal Marduk Legionaries across this world, who have participated in the
Serpent Sermon crusade which is far from over! Just as we enter 2013
Marduk will continue the triumphant march. First target is Australia/New
Zealand followed by the return to USA/CAN for a month long tour! More
tour plans are being drawn up just as this being written! Stay tuned for the
shape of things to come! All Hail!!

December 21st 2012
Finally we can announce the tour dates for the US/CAN march which will
take place Feb/March 2013! Marduk and Moonspell flanked by Inquisitor,
Death Wolf and the the foreshadowing. All the dates are posted in the tour
section!! 20 years ago Marduk´s debut album Dark Endless was released
upon this world on the darkest day of the year. To celebrate that Blooddawn
and Century Media has brought forth a unique 20 year jubileum edition at a
special price, available on both Cd and Lp. Only available for a short time
period. The Sun Turns Black As Night.

December 19th 2012
Yet another festival appearance for the Serpent Summer 2013 Crusade has
been announced. Marduk will return to the With Full Force Festival in
Germany taking place between the 27th-30th of June! More info in the tour
section! More info in the tour section! Panzer, Tod und Teufel!!

December 10th 2012
The Summer Breeze festival in Germany will once again be blessed unholy
when Marduk returns to spread their darkened wings over German soil! The
festival is taking place between August 15-18th 2013. More info in the tour

December 5th 2012
The frantic drumbeats of death will be pounding the Hellfest summer 2013 as
Marduk returns to bring havoc and raise the banner of the Wolf over France!!
The Hellfest is taking place during the 21-23 of June! More info in the tour

December 3rd 2012
It’s with great honor we can announce Marduk´s return to Metaltown Festival
in Gothenburg! The festival is taking place between the 4-6th of July. Last
time Marduk appeared at Metaltown was 2007. Await the return. Blood and
Iron.. No mercy will be given!!!

November 27th 2012
Marduk will be headlining the Voices From The Dark Tour that will be
taking place in USA during Feb/March 2013. See full line up on the poster
below. Marduk continues the triumphant crusade in support of the Serpent
Sermon album that was unleashed during spring this year. No mercy will be
given. Tour dates will be made official very soon!!!

November 13th 2012
2 more festival appearances for the Summers march over Europe has been
announced. Its with great satisfaction we can announce that the Black Metal
War machine known as Marduk will headline the Deathkult Open Air in
Germany as well as appear at the Brutal Assault in CZ Republic! More news
in the tour section. Stay tuned for more tour news to be unveiled shortly…

November 2nd 2012
Marduk have received a gold award for the single Souls For Belial. The
single was released in cooperation with the Swedish magazine Sweden Rock
earlier in 2012. The sale has excessed 10 000 copies in Sweden and therefore
Marduk has been presented with the gold award. Early 2013 the single will
also be released as limited edition on vinyl! More news from the front will be
announced shortly…

October 18th 2012
Marduk have just returned to Sweden after completing the successful
European crusade! One and a half month of audial barrage over Europe!
Marduk salutes everybody who showed up and displayed their loyalty!! We
can also announce Marduk´s first appearance in New Zealand! Right after
Australia in January 2013 the band will do a show in Auckland!! More info
in the tour section! And stay tuned for more tour plans to be announced

October 8th 2012
Is with delight we here announce Marduk´s first festival appearance for 2013.
Marduk will headline the Thronefest in Belgium. The band will be
performing the whole Panzer Division Marduk album and alot of other
classics! Dont miss out as its the second time the band performs the whole
album! The date is May the 11th! Der Tod In Flandern! More info at:

October 4th 2012
Due to unforeseen problems with logistics and planning, booking agency
‘Massive Music’ and MARDUK have decided to postpone the Serpent
Sermon North dates and will be rescheduling them Spring 2013!

October 1st 2012
The Serpent Sermon Tour is expanding across the world. Right now the band
marches through Europe on the highly successful crusade. It’s with great
pride we can announce Marduk´s return to Australia! Await the arrival set for
January 2013! Dates for New Zealand and Asia will be announced shortly.

September 24th 2012
Some more dates for the Serpent Sermon North Tour has been added. Check
the tour dates section as some more Norwegian dates has been presented. 3
polish dates will be announced any day and then the march through the North
is finalized.

September 17th 2012
As Marduk currently are marching through Europe on the triumphant Serpent
Sermon Tour we now finally also have the pleasure to announce the dates for
the coming assault of the north!! Dates in Scandinavia, the Baltic States and a
ceremony in Germany! A few more dates will be added within the nearest
days!! Don’t miss out on the Northern crusade!

September 3rd 2012
The European crusade has begun as the band started the march on the 30th of
Aug in Warsaw! All correct dates are posted in the tour section. This week
the Serpent Sermon North Tour dates will be announced covering the Baltic
states and the Nordic countries! Stay tuned! The blood drenched Marduk
banner will within the nearest months also be raised in Asia, Australia and
the USA! Dates to be announced as soon as they are confirmed! We can also
with great pride announce Marduk´s appearance at the Swedish Forlorn Fest
up in the North, taking place at the end of Nov. Hail Death!

August 17th 2012
MARDUK just arrived back from the Serpent Sermon Brazil assault! The
band raises the blood banner for all who showed up and displayed their
loyalty! A selection of live visuals have been made available in the gallery
section! Currently the band are preparing for the Malmö Festival and the
massive European tour that starts at the end of the month! All the dates are
posted in the tour section! As time draws near the dates for Scandinavia and
the Baltic states will be announced! The march goes on.

August 9th 2012
It’s with great satisfaction we can announce Marduk´s return to the south of
Sweden. On the 22nd of August Marduk will be appearing in Malmö at
Malmöfestivalen! More info in the tour section!

August 8th 2012
A selection of live photos from the recent Completed USA tour has been
made available. Go to gallery section to check them out. Marduk is currently
preparing in for the Brazilian assault! Dates are in the tour section. Don’t
miss out!

July 25th 2012
There has been some changes in the tour schedule for the upcoming Brazilian
assault. Go to the tour section to check the correct dates. Await the arrival.

June 30th 2012
The Tour dates for the march over Brazil have been finalized! Go to the tour
section to check it out and also check out the coming selected summer
festival appearances and be prepared for the coming massive tour with over
43 attacks on European soil. The Serpent Sermon World Tour will after that
continue with a row of dates in the Baltic States and Scandinavia during
November. Dates will be posted later on as time draws near. More touring
plans are being drawn up at the headquarters. None shall be spared, Plague
upon Plague..

June 27th 2012
So far the Serpent Sermon World Tour 2012/2013 has passed through Russia
followed by the crusade in North America with shows in Puerto Rico, USA,
Canada and Mexico. All hail the loyal supporters who showed their
dedication and iron will! Now the weapons are pointed toward Europe.
Check out the upcoming festival dates for the summer as well as the massive
European tour coming up for this autumn. There have been some small
changes. So check all the correct dates in the tour section. We do not come in

June 14th 2012
The tour dates for the European part of the Serpent Sermon World Tour
2012/2013 has been announced!! Go to the tour section to check them out!!
There is still a few dates to be added. A second part is being planned as well
with dates in the Baltic region and Scandinavia! More news to follow! No

June 1st 2012
After the highly successful tour in Russia Marduk today starts the tour in the
west with dates in Puerto Rico, USA, Canada and Mexico. Check the correct
tour dates in the tour section and links to buy tickets are posted on the
Facebook site. European tour dates are to be announced shortly and we can
also mention that another tour in the States are being planned as well,
reaching territories that not are included in the first leg of dates..

May 30th 2012
The hierophants of Swedish Black Metal have started preaching the “Serpent
Sermon”. MARDUK’s 12th studio album will hit the streets today. “Serpent
Sermon” is both a memorial for the glory of Black Metal as well as a signpost
for a whole scene that far too often drowns in mediocrity and predictability,
offering ten diverse songs within the entire spectrum of Black Metal. Be it
the opener and title track with its majestic chorus, the creeping doom beast
“Temple Of Decay”, “Souls For Belial” or “Gospel Of The Worm” with their
pure and untamed blasting ferocity or the epic “World Of Blades”, each track
of “Serpent Sermon” relegates every rivaling band further to the fringe. This
is Black Metal mastery.

“Serpent Sermon” will be available in the following formats:

1. Standard CD Jewel case

2. Deluxe Media book CD
(with 40-page booklet and the exclusive track “Coram Satanae”)

3. Deluxe LP
(with 180g vinyl, gatefold sleeve and king-size 12-page LP- booklet)

4. Digital download

Vinyl collectors beware: An exclusive LP version on dark-red vinyl is
available on This version will also include an exclusive
7inch EP (on dark-red vinyl as well) with the bonus track of the Media book
CD “Coram Satanae”. Be fast as this version is limited to only 300 copies
and almost gone by now.

MARDUK International press quotes:

“This is MARDUK’s definitive album. A masterpiece”
9/10 Rock Hard (IT)

“MARDUK beats up every black metal act with its “Serpent Sermon”
album.” Inferno (FI)

“…the vitriolic fire and brimstone is there in spades and ist poisonous bite is
potent.” 4/5 Terrorizer (UK)

“After 22 years this band still got it, we don’t need to say more.”
91/100 – Rock Tribune (BE)

“MARDUK proves again to be the absolute top of Black Metal!”
Aardschok (NL)

“MARDUK’s latest album, ‘Serpent Sermon’, is something of a return to
form-or more accurately a return to Satanism…’Serpent Sermon’ is nothing
if not a lyrical blitzkrieg on the tenets of Christianity.”
Revolver Magazine (USA)

“Some beasts seem to be immune to the burdens of old age”
8/10 – Sweden Rock (SE)

“…maybe the most powerful black metal album of the year.”
8/10 – Close Up (SE)

May 25th 2012
A festival date in Finland has just been confirmed. Marduk will be appearing
at the Hammer Open Air Festival, taking place between the 20- 21st of July!
More info in the tour section.

May 11th 2012
Today the Serpent Sermon World Tour 2012/2013 begins as MARDUK
appears in Siberia, Russia. All the upcoming dates for the Summer are in the
Tour section. A few more festival dates might be announced the nearest time
as well. After the summer MARDUK will be marching through Europe as
well. The European part will start on the 1st of September and consist of
around 40 shows. The first dates will be confirmed and announced at the end
of May. For the European tour Marduk will be teaming up with Death Metal
veterans Immolation. More news to follow!! No Mercy…

May 9th 2012
Today at 19.00 CET the video for the anthem Souls For Belial will be
uploaded on MARDUK’s YouTube channel!!! Hell no longer awaits…. Here
is the link to MARDUK’s official YouTube channel!

May 3rd 2012
Last weekend MARDUK performed their first local show in over 12 years!
The band sends a big hail to everybody who showed up to the sold out event,
especially to loyal fans coming in from Germany, Belgium, France and
Norway! All Hail! Visuals from the show in the Gallery section.

April 25th 2012
MARDUK have just finished the recording of a video for the song Souls For
Belial! The video will be made available in the beginning of May for hungry
eyes! We here bring some stills from the video. Go to the Gallery section to
check them out!

April 20th 2012
A few more dates has been announced for the Russian crusade and also a
show in Minsk/Belarus! Go to the tour section to check the correct DATES!
Await the coming storm of Blood and Iron!

April 18th 2012
As time draws near for the release of Serpent Sermon we can now announce
more live appearances coming up as the Serpent Sermon World Tour 2012
expands. MARDUK will be doing 2 Mexico shows right after the US/CAN
tour. MARDUK will also return to the loyal fans and devoted supporters in
Brazil and that will be taking place during August. Check the correct DATES
in the Tour section. More dates to follow soon!! No Mercy…

April 13th 2012
The issue of the Sweden Rock Magazine with the Souls for Belial cd single is
out now. Only available for subscribers, so sign up or miss out on it ! The cd
single is only available there but a special 1000 copies 7″ Ep will be made
available for all vinyl collectors. The 7″ release will be coming out soon…
Check pictures of the magazine and the CD below.

March 29th 2012
With great delight we can today announce MARDUK’s Return to the East!
MARDUK will be teaming up with Kataklysm and Vader for a crusade in
Russia. Go to tour section to check the DATES. A few more dates for Russia
is to be announced the nearest days! MARDUK Legionaries of Russia await
the coming storm of Blood and Iron! More dates for the Serpent Sermon
World Tour 2012 are to be announced soon…No Mercy!

March 28th 2012
The hymn M.A.M.M.O.N. from the coming album has been made available
for listening on Metal Hammer Germanys website. Check it out HERE! We
can also mention that the Iron Dawn vinyl is out now on the following
versions 300 copies white vinyl only available from, 100
copies on yellow vinyl only available from and regular black
vinyl limited to 600 copies! Get them before they are forever gone!

March 21st 2012
The April issue of Sweden Rock Magazine will contain a special issued
Marduk cd single with the track Souls for Belial from the forthcoming album
Serpent Sermon. The 2nd track is a special recorded cover of Woven Hand`s
track Oil On Panel. The cd single will only be available for the subscribers of
the magazine. But it will also be released as a vinyl 7″ strictly limited to 1000
copies worldwide. Will be unleashed during the second half of April. Cover
artwork can be viewed below.

March 19th 2012
We here announce the track list and the release info for the forthcoming 12th
studio album Serpent Sermon!! You can also here withness the album cover.
The album will be made available as standard cd,vinyl and limited edition
media book with an exclusive bonus track entitled ” Coram Satanae”.

1. Serpent Sermon
2. Messianic Pestilence
3. Souls for Belial
4. Into Second Death
5. Temple of Decay
6. Damnations Gold
7. Hail Mary ( Piss-soaked Genuflexion)
8. M.A.M.M.O.N.
9. Gospel of the Worm
10. World of Blades

Monday, May 28, 2012.
SPAIN / ITALY: Tuesday, May 29, 2012.
SWEDEN / FINLAND / HUNGARY: Wednesday, May 30, 2012.
AUSTRALIA / NEW ZEALAND: Friday, June 1, 2012.
USA/CAN, June 5, 2012

March 8th 2012
The first dates for the Serpent Sermon World Tour 2012 tour has been
presented. First being announced is shows in Chile and Puerto Rico followed
by USA/CANADA Go to the Tour section to check out the first dates of the
upcoming crusade. More dates and release info of the coming album will be
unveiled soon…
March 5th 2012

Its with great satisfaction we can announce that finally the Iron Dawn ep will
be released on vinyl format. The 12″ will be released on the 26th of march
through Blooddawn/Century Media. The release will be limited to 1000
copies worldwide. So get it before its gone. The full line up for the local
Norrköping, Östergötland show at the 28th of April has been announced as
well. Marduk will be supported by rising act Year of the Goat and
Misericordia. Tickets available at:

February 27th 2012
The recording of the upcoming album Serpent Sermon has been completed
and the album has been mastered and delivered. Some more visuals form the
last days in the studio has been posted in the gallery section! Full track list,
cover artwork and release info will follow shortly. The first dates of the
Serpent Sermon World Tour 2012 will soon be presented as well. No mercy
will be given…

February 6th 2012
Marduk is currently in the studio finalizing the recording of their 12th studio
album. The title has been set for SERPENT SERMON! The album is set for a
late spring release. Track listing and more info will be unveiled shortly. A
listening session will be held for special invited journalists and media in
Stockholm on the 11th of February.

January 27th 2012
Marduk will be setting the sails and appear on the Sweden Rock Cruise from
Stockholm/Sweden-Åbo/Finland between the 29-30th of March and
dominate the Baltic Sea. For this crusade over the waters Marduk will be
appearing together with acts a Sodom, Krux and Nocturnal Rites. More info
in the tour section!

January 13th 2012
Its with great satisfaction we can announce that on the 28th of April, Marduk
will be doing their first performance in home town Norrköping for over 12
years. The venue will be Skandiateatern. More info in the tour section.

January 10th 2012
We here bring some visuals from the Endarker Studio where Marduk
currently is recording the upcoming 12th studio album. Yet untitled set for a
spring release. More news to come… Go to Gallery section to check them

January 6th 2012
We start out 2012 with an announcement. Marduk will be appearing at the
Faceplant Metalfest in Göteborg, Sweden at the end of July! More info in the
tour section!