December 25, 2009

Old News – 2009

December 28th 2009
MARDUK will be headlining the Norwegian Inferno Festival on the 1st of
April! More info on their website:

December 21st 2009
Marduk have returned to Sweden after the North American crusade known as
US Plague 2009. Marduk sends a big hail to all who came out and showed
their loyalty! Marduk will for sure be marching across the States again during
2010!! The band is currently preparing in for the upcoming European Funeral
Nation Part 2 Tour. The march across Europe will start on the 8th of January.
There has been some changes regarding the UK dates. Go to tour section to
check out the correct dates! More news regarding upcoming live dates will
come soon. The global death-rape continues…

November 17th 2009
New insignia and regalia related to the Wormwood album is now available at
the official Marduk web store. Visit to order the latest
garments. Win friends and make enemies in all the right places by proudly
displaying your loyalty.. We can also inform you all that the show in LA has
changed venue. Instead of the Key Club the show will be held at the Royal

November 11th 2009
Regarding the upcoming US tour we can inform you that one show has been
added in Salt Lake City on the 9th of Dec and the show in San Marcos CA,
has been changed to Ramona CA. We also here bring you some photos from
Marduk´s triumphant appearance at this summer’s edition of Party San Open
Air Festival. Go to gallery section to check them out.

November 4th 2009
Marduk would like to send big hail to everybody who showed up and showed
their loyalty during the Funeral Nation European tour. The band is currently
preparing for the upcoming US crusade. Check the dates in the tour section.
We are also proud to announce the dates for the second part of the Funeral
Nation tour which is set to take place during Jan/Feb 2010. Finally Marduk
will return to the legions of Balkan and also to the UK and so on. Go to tour
section to check the correct dates and go to the booking agency Massive
Music to check the full billing of the tour as it will differ from each part. The
Deathmarch continues….

October 7th 2009
The Funeral Nation Tour 2009 is right now raging in Europe and Marduk
flanked by Vader and supported by Fleshgod Apocalypse and The Ordher
have marched across Germany, Switzerland, Holland and Belgium and is
currently occupying France. Unfortunately the show in Metz is cancelled but
instead an additional show in France has been added in the city of Niort at the
Le Camji on the 12th of October.

September 22nd 2009
Thursday the 24th of September is the release date of Wormwood and the day
that the European Crusade to be known as Funeral Nation 2009 will start.
Check the correct tour dates in the Tour section. One more song from the
upcoming album is now available on the MySpace site. The track is entitled
To Redirect Perdition. We are constantly receiving inquires and pleas for
Marduk to play various locations. 2009 is right now more or less fully
booked. Plans are being made for 2010. Early next year the band will be
marching across Russia, the Balkans and the Eastern European Countries as
well as the UK and a full Scandinavian tour. Also an extensive South/Central
American tour will take place. More news to be unveiled later on…

September 19th 2009
Marduk have just returned home from the highly successful Blitzkrieg
crusade consisting of 15 shows in Poland! The band sends a big Hail to all
fans and promoters and everybody involved in the triumphant crusade. The
release of Wormwood draws near and the band is currently preparing in for
the coming European tour which starts on September the 24th,the same day
that Wormwood is being unleashed in Europe. Check out the Marduk cover
story in the latest issue of Zero Tolerance. More news to follow…

September 4th 2009
It is with great pleasure we here announce the dates for the upcoming
US/CANADA tour. Go to tour section to check out all the dates. The wait is
over, The Legions are marching!!!

August 26th 2009
The gallery section has been updated with a selection of photos from
Marduk´s appearance in New york, USA. A song from the upcoming
Wormwood album will be posted on the Marduk MySpace site within a day.

August 19th 2009
Marduk have just returned to Sweden after completing festival appearances at
the Party San Open Air, Germany and the Brutal Assault in Czech Republic
as well as doing 3 shows in North America! Which marks the band’s first
shows there in 8 years!! Marduk send a big hail to all who came out and
showed their loyalty!! A full USA tour including Canada is to be announced
within a week!!! The time for the tour is set for Nov/Dec. Check back for
more news very soon!!! Here is video link to a shorter video studio report
from the recording of the upcoming album Wormwood. The album is as
mentioned earlier set to be released in Europe on the 24th of September and
the release date in the States has been changed to October the 13th.

July 27th 2009
The release date of Wormwood has been set for the 24th of September for
both Europe and the USA. Other territories may differ a bit. Listening
sessions for the press will be held in connection with the Party San Open Air
Festival on the 7th of August. Most important metal media has been invited
for the first official listening of the forthcoming album. Another listening
session will be held in New York when Marduk are over there in August.

July 23rd 2009
Marduk is currently in the studio putting the last vocal parts and mixing the
upcoming 11th studio album Wormwood. We here bring you the full track
list. Release date and more relevant info will be announced within days…

Nowhere, No-One, Nothing
Funeral Dawn
This Fleshly Void
Unclosing The Curse
Into Utter Madness
Phosphorous Redeemer
To Redirect Perdition
Chorus Of Cracking Necks
As A Garment

July 16th 2009
We here bring a preview of the front cover of the upcoming album
Wormwood! Song titles and release date to be presented very soon…

July 13th 2009
The fan gallery section has been updated! Keep sending your Marduk related
tattoos or pictures to be published here!

June 25th 2009
We hereby present the album title of the upcoming Marduk album. The
album will be entitled WORMWOOD. No release date has been set yet as the
band currently is in the studio working on the album. More news and song
titles will be presented as we receive them. Go to Gallery section to check
some photos from the recording at the Endarker Studio.

June 20th 2009
Marduk will be playing the following dates in the States. August 12th
Baltimore, 13th Philadelphia, 15th New York. Go to tour section for more
info and links of where to buy tickets!! For the time being those 3 are the
ones that have been possible to have arranged, But Marduk will also be
returning for a full tour that is to be announced within days. That tour will be
proceeding during Nov/Dec and will covering the same areas as the
Blackendfest including Canada!

June 18th 2009
After the visa problem that forced Marduk to miss out on the Blackenedfest
in the States we can now bring you news that vocalist Mortuus has now
received his Visa. So all problems are now sorted out for the future. After this
temporary setback for the band, promoters, fans and everybody involved we
are delighted to bring you the news that Marduk will be performing in the
USA during August. The band will be doing a few selected shows and then
be back at the end of the year for a full tour. The dates will be announced
later this week!!! We can also announce European tour dates for the autumn.
A 30 date headlining tour will be done during Sep/Oct under the moniker
Funeral Nation 2009 and before that Marduk will be teaming up with Vader
for a Blitzkrieg on Polish soil consisting of 15 dates. Yet another Summer
festival has also been booked. Namely the Stonehell Metalfest in Italy on the
19th of July!! Go to tour section to check all the correct dates and further
information. Stay tuned for more propaganda to be announced within the
nearest days..

June 3rd 2009
The situation with MARDUK not having performed during the first half of
Blackenedfest is due to one member of the band not having received his visa
yet. It is not a ‘denied’ visa. The band filed for a P-1 non-immigrant work
visa, which is required for a band to play in the states. The visa was
APPROVED by the United States Government’s Homeland Security Office.

Furthermore, as required, the band members each individually went to their
visa appointments at the U.S. embassy in Stockholm for the standard
interview, at which point the persons handling the band’s applications
informed the band that there was no further action needed and that they
should expect their passports in the mail with the P-1 visa attached.

Everyone in the band received theirs except Mortuus – ”There was no
missing document, as earlier stated by Earsplit, but a legal document in
Swedish that the US Embassy one day (!) prior to departure informed us that
they needed to have ”professionally translated” into English in order to
finalize the visa – even though we specifically asked them months earlier
if it was ok that some documents were in Swedish; their response being: ”Yes,
there is no problem, we have people here that speak Swedish”. Note that a
translation from a certified agency (which is a mandatory) takes up to a week
– and the Embassy is well aware of this. So, why they waited until the very
last day to give us this information, or why the other member’s documents
needed no translation, one can only imagine” /Mort.

We are currently waiting each day for the passport to be returned to Mortuus
with the visa stamp. The embassy is aware of the urgency of this matter and
we expect the band to join the tour in progress any day now.

MARDUK are prepared to make up the shows they missed immediately after
Blackenedfest ends. These dates will be announced shortly.

April 15th 2009
Marduk will be entering the Endarker studio during May to begin the
recording of their eleventh studio album. The album is set to be released in
September. The release will be followed by a World tour starting out in
Europe under the moniker of Funeral Nation 2009/2010. More news to be
unveiled later on…

March 12th 2009
We here bring the confirmation that Marduk will perform at this year’s
edition of the Brutal Assault Festival in Jaromer in the Czech Republic. The
date will be the 8th of August. Check the tour section for more info.

February 14th 2009
We are delighted to announce Marduk´s return to North America. Dates are
now made official in the Tour dates section!!! More news and statement are
to be announced within the nearest days. Here is a link to the tours official
my space site:

February 6th 2009
We do not come in peace, but with flames of fire! Marduk will be the
headliners of the Party San Open Air festival on Thursday the 6th of August.
To celebrate that its 10 years since the release of the infamous Panzer
Division Marduk album the band will be performing the whole album as well
as playing an additional whole set list. It will be a massive night to remember
and there will also be some very special guest appearances. More news to be
posted later on..

January 20th 2009
The first live appearances of 2009 has just been confirmed. The first one is to
take place in the very north of Sweden in the city of Luleå at the 14th of
March at the “Minus trettio Festival”. And the second one confirmed is at the
25th of July at the Lorca Rock Festival in Spain. More news will be posted in
the tour section. Also stay tuned for further festival dates to be announced the
nearest days. The fan gallery has also been updated with some Marduk
tattoos sent in by our loyal black clad legionaries!

January 6th 2009
The gallery section is updated with some selected photos from Marduk´s
Nov/Dec tour that marched across Europe together with Morbid angel among
others and marked the end of the touring cycle of 2008. Currently Marduk is
finishing of the final songwriting info the recording of their 11th studio
album. Touring plans for 2009 will be posted soon as well as the first
summer festival appearances that are being booked right now. The calm
before the Infernal Storm…